Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Slab City & The Salton Sea

We've left Slab City but plan to return the last week of January for the talent show and to hopefully catch some footage of the military bombing the mountain side. We're over nighting in Salton Sea and moving on for some more hot spring action for the new year. Should be in LA on the 2nd.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Setting Up @ Slab City

We finally arrived in Slab City, CA. All the worrys about being cold and getting the satellite set up have been brushed aside. The Broadband card works here, works fast too. I'm hoping to set up a LIVE broadcast ... probably test it out later today and then broadcast a "show" tomorrow.

It turns out Slab City is nestled between a federal prison and a military bombing range. It's a big open desert many miles seperate us from them. The bombings, we've been told, are on hold until after the holidays. So, I think we're going to stop here on the way back east too; to get some war footage. '~)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The NOmadjik Winter Tour

Well we're off to warmer climates. Now poised to set up in Tucson for a few days of work and editing.

The concerned look on our faces is wondering if the damn cell phone was going to take the picture or not.

Check out the new road map in the side bar.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Point Au Chene Media Bus

The Bus is providing this free kitchen with internet access so they can continue feeding those in need in the deep Bayou. The people who populate this area have been here for hundreds of years, they are indigenous. They receive NO HELP from the government because the government would like them to move, they can not move without loosing their oil and mineral rights and they can not exploit their oil and mineral rights because the government/corporations don't want red skins to profit.

Also pictured... Felipe's bus and EveryBody's Kitchen.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Traveling kitchen provides home-cooked relief

Nikki Buskey~Staff Writer
Published: Tuesday, November 4, 2008 at 4:05 p.m.

HOUMA — Everybody has a right to a home-cooked meal, regardless of their income or situation in life.

Everybody's Kitchen volunteers Anne and Floppy, both of whom use only their first names, prepare dinner Monday inside one of the organization's two buses outside St. Charles Bromeo Catholic Church in Pointe-Aux-Chenes.

That's the premise of Everybody's Kitchen, a group of volunteer chefs who retrofitted an old school bus into a self-sustained, solar-powered kitchen that they use to travel the country feeding the homeless and providing disaster-relief meals.

The organization has temporarily set up shop at St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church, 1237 La. 665 in Pointe-aux-Chenes. They're preparing breakfast and dinner for residents of Pointe-aux-Chenes and Isle de Jean Charles, as well as shipping meals to Dulac residents.

Anyone can stop by and pick one up, said Everybody's Kitchen volunteer James McGuinness.

The cooks, a "revolving door" of volunteers who also fed people in New Orleans' Ninth Ward after Hurricane Katrina, hooked up with the New Orleans-based relief group Common Ground Collective to service damaged communities in Terrebonne after hurricanes Gustav and Ike, McGuiness said.

"When you're trying to work on your house, or get your business going, you don't always have time to cook," said McGuinness, 52, of Brooklyn, N.Y.

Everybody's Kitchen has been operating since 1992, McGuinness said, and has done disaster relief in Minneapolis, Mississippi and New Orleans, fed needy people on Los Angeles' Skid Row and traveled to Mexico to feed deported immigrants.

"The focus of this is that everyone has a right to eat, broke or not. We will share with anyone, and anyone who wants to share with us can," said a 41-year-old Detroit volunteer known only as Floppy.

He was manning the buses built-in propane stove Monday, preparing red beans and rice, a south Louisiana staple.

"It's Monday, what else?" he said, adding that everywhere the kitchen travels, they try to take a cue from locals about what to cook, learning their recipes and adding to their repertoire.

Long-haired and long-traveled, the group of traveling, food-distributing gypsies might be a strange sight to some locals.

Their 12 volunteers work out of two school buses — on painted orange and and the other in a bright shade of blue. When the weather is nice, they cook outside under a tarp.

The volunteers camp on the church lawn, and they've been given access to the St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church rectory where they have established an an impromptu business office to keep in contact with businesses who might want to donate cooking items.

"It's beautiful here," McGuinness said of south Terrebonne. "The people are very friendly, and we're happy to be helping out where there's a real need."

The workers will stay and cook as long as they're needed and wanted, he added.

Floppy stressed that the group isn't a charity in the conventional sense, but they do operate using donations from businesses and others.

"We've had people stop by and drop off oysters, shrimp, crabs," McGuinness said. "Anything they drop off, we'll cook up."

The group steamed the crabs, and local residents appreciated the meal, though McGuinness said they later discovered that's not the way the seafood is traditionally prepared in bayou country.

"I guess most people boil them down here," he said. "We talk to the people that come down, try to figure out what they like. We love the food down here anyway -- anything that spices things up."

If you want to get in touch with Everybody's Kitchen to help their effort with a donation, supplies or food, or if you just need to grab a meal, you can find them at the St. Charles Borromeo Church in Pointe-aux-Chenes, or call them at 504-421-1205.

They can also be reached by mail at
Everybody's Kitchen
P.O. Box 115
Montegut, LA 70377.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Point Au Chene

I'm setting up the satellite internet in Point Au Chene, LA. The rainbow Family has dispatched to kitchen busses here and are already freeding several hundred a day. The internet will allow them to publize their efforts and bring in more donations; meaning the can feed more people. This is probably a short term assignment as they are suppose to be getting internet capabilities from Common Ground Relief by the end of next week.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Filler Up

I'm back in Sildell at BioLiberty filling the tanks with all the oil I can hold. Gordon is packin up the bio diesel plant to move it into New Orleans as part of a larger project so I've got about 500 gallons of fine veggie oil at my disposal.

I'll be heading down to Point au Chene in the deep bayou country where the native indian population has been intentionally left to rot after both Katrina & Gustav. I'll set up the satellite internet for them and try to sort out the reasons they NEVER get any more than an MRE for hurricane relief.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Dharma's Lost in the Rubble

Upon recieving a tip from a friendly police offer that I should go HERE and check out the damage, myself and a local worker who fashions himself a citizen journalist headed down there.

While filming the debris of a house we were warned that we could be shot for looting and told that the police were being called. Since we had not touched anything or even approached the house in question further than a few feet onto the driveway to get a better angle.. I continued filming. The guy who rode down there with me was more interested in eating the 6 Red Cross dinners he scored us and while I filmed some of the other houses he proceded to spill 2 of the dinners on the bus seats and LET DHARMA ESCAPE. (no, he wasn't drunk or high... just stupid). He had asked Red Cross for 2 meals and they gave him 6 to run up their numbers since no one in this well to do neighborhood wanted to eat the shitty food they hand out.

The police eventually showed up threatened to arrest us if I did not allow them to search the bus for the items the lieing resident had said that he saw us take. I consented, filmed the search, the cop said on camera "no, that stuff's not here" and then got bent out of shape we he realized I had filmed him performing his duty as a public servant. Ran us for warrants and told us to leave. I told him we would have been gone long ago if the cat had not escaped and we were hoping he'd come back. He said leave or be arrested. Gave us a Trespass WARNING and said if we came back we could be arrested. I informed that I would be back the next day in the afternoon to allow my cat to come home. He said that would be ok in the afternoon but if I was there after dark I'd be arrested for trespassing.

I returned this afternoon and did NOT leave the bus at all for fear of being shot or arrested. I'd been parked there on the public street NOT under any curfew for about 3 1/2 hrs waiting... Dharma did not return. With about an hour of daylight left the same cop showed up and informed me that he had been called once again because I was seen trespassing. I had not set foot off the bus. I told him that. He said leave or be arrested. I told him I didn't want to be there, I was just waiting for my cat. He told me to get off the bus and go look for him, I had a 1/2 hour to leave or be arrested. I told him I didn't think that me wandering around in this neighborhood looking for my cat was safe. He repeated his directive to leave or be arrested.

I stepped into the middle of the street and yelled for the cat for about 20 minutes and then left.

Tommorrow morning I'm going to the police station and demand that I be able to sit in my bus on the public street and wait for my cat to return.

HERE's the video that helped save him.

Thanks to all how called to vouch for me. Dharma came back 4 hours into being allowed to stay there after dark.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

I made it to Galveston

... All I can say is... I've made a lot of bad choices lately.
I have not yet ventured outside of the bus, but I've driven most of the Island and it looks like they've got it under control. I'm not feeling very needed here. The satellite is useless as I've got cell phone coverage and my broadband internet card works everywhere.

I saw 2 Free Meal Christian operations on the way in even though the grocery stores, bars & restaurants are almost all open. Some of the island had random electricity but those going without would appear to be "second" homes.

I suppose I'll know more when I decide to get out of the bus, but at the moment I'm not feeling very social. I spent the entire night editing my last RNC video regarding the harassment of the bus in St.Paul. I'm going to start preparing it for the internet now and take a nap.

Maybe this is my beach vacation...

Monday, September 22, 2008

The IkeMan Cometh

The Bus has changed it's mind once again regarding what to do after the conventions. I was slated to coordinate a team of editors working on a feature length documentary of the RNC. But it has become apparent for many reasons that that was not the right thing for me to be working on at this time.

Ike Happens
Tail winds of Hurricane Ike dropped a tree on the skinnychef's roof (Austin) and it needs to be completely replaced. This is in addition to the damage done by 1 thieving, lying, filthy sack of shit known as Heavy Fed who rented her place with NO INTENTION of honoring the lease and proceeded to trash the place and steal anything of value left in the house before finally getting evicted. These issues need to be dealt with. If you know a trustworthy soul looking for a room to rent in Austin contact chef.skinny@gmail.com

The NOmadjik Media Bus will begin fulfilling it's 1st disaster relief mission in Texas as soon as we can get her down there from New York. With the generator and satellite internet on board we will be going into a yet to be determined location. Probably somewhere that won't be getting electricity for a good long time. We will be able to both document/report on the recovery effort and offer internet to residents who still have no electricity and limited if any cell phone service. It is likely that we will team up with other grassroots relief organizations in an encampment .. but these things are still in the planning stages.

If you have info regarding Rainbow Family kitchen bus locations in hurricane devastated areas or know of other grassroots efforts that could use our services please get them in contact with me @ Staff@MobileBroadcastNews.com

Donations are being sought for: GAS CARDS/gas cans to run the generator, Food, Cleaning Supplies and Veggie Oil. These can be collected in route if you get in touch.

Tax deductible donation$ can be processed through Deep Dish TV if they are specifically marked for MobileBroadcastNews.

related videos My Hurricane Katrina Coverage
NOmadjik Media Bus BEFORE | AFTER

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Deliberatly Cut Fuel Line No Match For Smart People

The trip East was delayed a day due to a very fresh slice in a fuel line. Fortunately I found it before moving the bus. Otherwise, we would have stalled in traffic and had the bus impounded... as I suspect was the outcome the person who sliced it would have preferred. We've had tremendous luck collecting oil this week.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Cops probe indymedia bus for 'corpses'?

By Dave Orrick | dorrick@pioneerpress.com | photo by Larry Hildes

It's unclear why, but police put the heat on a weathered school bus Tuesday used by an independent media organization.

The group says the cops said they were looking for "dead bodies."

Police refused to provide any information on their actions, but a spokesman said the corpse thing was absurd.

"Does that sound logical?" police spokesman Tom Walsh asked. "We do things logically."

Larry Hildes, a California attorney and a legal observer with the National Lawyers Guild, said he saw a St. Paul police officer trying to pry the bus' side door open around 4:45 p.m. in a parking lot in Lowertown, where the bus was parked. "She informed me she was looking for dead bodies," said Hildes. "I informed here there were none." Hildes asked for a warrant; he said the police said they had none and left.

Hildes said bands of officers returned several times, at one point driving by slowly while one officer shined a light at the blocked-out windows and videotaped the bus.

"We're completely above-board," said Mary-Kate Stoever, a.k.a. Skinny Chef. "We just live in the bus."

Hours later, a Pioneer Press reporter observed a police car parked near the bus; the officer appeared to be watching. When asked what the cops were up to, Walsh responded, "I don't know anything about it. ... Nope, I'm not going to look into it either."

40 + corporate media journalists arrested yesterday

But not me. More info to come.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

RNC update

The Glass Bead Collective had all of their property returned except drivers licenses and cash. Yesterday the cops with 3 SUVs full of riot cops did syncronized donuts in the parking lot for awhile yesterday. This occured while I was handing off a video to the Aquisitions Director of Free Speech TV, who spoke with the commanding officer and requested that they stop harassing and arresting journalists. The cops eventually left. We expect to see them again today .. about 5:25 that's when they've been showing up.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Mobile Broadcast News Bus Harassed by Police

This afternoon the bus was repeatedly harassed by St. Paul police. We were notified by our lawyers who were on the scene while we were attempting to cover the Poor People's March. Eyewitnesses reported that they attempted to open the door both by hand and CROW BAR. They attempted to film inside the bus and claimed they were concerned about "liquids". Our bus is legally parked in a paid lot with permission from the Parking lot. 2 private buses have been confiscated in St. Paul 1 bus carrying a marching band of activists have chosen to leave town. The police came by 3 times each time with more squad cars and equipment. At this time the bus, inhabitants and property are safe... and insecure. Much more about this later.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Glass Bead Collective Targeted Equipment Stollen By the Police

You may want to watch for a 4pm press conference regarding police stealing video activists equipment in Minneapolis. I have no specific details about where this will turn up... but the National Lawyers Guild and Glass Bead Collective will be holding a press conference regarding being targeted for their work defending our rights with video in NYC.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

All Greased Up

We're finally greased up and ready to roll, thanks the genius who started Rocky Mountain Diesel Max; probably the largest collector of used cooking oil for fuel in the country. Chuck has created a blend of veggie oil and other ingredients that is capable of running a diesel engine WITHOUT adding extra heat to your system, you can put it straight into your regular diesel tank EVEN in winter. At any rate, we won't need to look for oil between Denver and St.Paul and that's a huge relief.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Gone Campin'

it's the rookies... what else is there to do. It's too damn hot to stay in Denver.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Denver's Nice

We're settling into Denver for awhile. The urban camping lifestyle is taking some adjusting. We'll be biking about as much as possible because we can't get the oil temp up high enough to use on short commutes.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Asaf Sends his Love

Asaf hooked a ride futher east the other day and sent us this photo to prove his love for the NOmadjik Bus. Hopefully he'll be back on board someday.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Chance Veggie meeting

After a long hot soak in the hot springs we headed to the local bars and got plowed last night. At the end of the evening we met a guy that I'd met in the Casino parking lot in Reno after Burning Man last year. I had showed him my fledging veggie bus and he was very interested.

He had stumbled into this bar with his mother, who he was giving a tour of this part of the rockies IN HIS BRAND NEW (1985) VEGGIE BUS. We showed them the way back to the campground for the evening and they've moved on to Shopping for western wear in Leramie, WY. We plan to visit him later on our way to Denver.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Pack'n up & Heading for the Hot Springs

We're headin' out from the Gathering today. We've picked up a rider, Asaf. Turns out Asaf knows alot of my friends and he's considering sticking around for the conventions. But for now we're all heading off to the hot springs to soak up some clean & warmness.

We've got about a 250 mile drive after we pack up and the 1st 20 miles is on some rough dirt road.

The clean up process at the Gathering has been a little disturbing not for the lack of people staying to clean up but for the idiots that left a lot of crap out here in the pristine wilderness. We saw a 30 inch television sitting by the road waiting to hauled out... It is quite telling of our society when someone decides they need a 30 inch television to commune with nature and god...

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Rainbow Gathering

After 2 weeks like this.

We finally made it to the Rainbow Gathering on Monday. Most people had left already and everyone else was trying to pack up to leave. We've heard many stories of "drama" and will be assembling some footage of interviews.

Today we finally got ourselves situated in a long term NICE campsite at the back end of the Gathering and we'll be documenting the clean up effort.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Out of Nebrask and into the Pan

We're out of Nebraska.

Drove about 200 miles today on veggie oil, great drive and the bus ran better'n ever.
when we pulled in to park for the night we discovered that the diesel return line had melted in 2 on the muffler and we'd left a trail from the exit ramp to the parking spot... we were pouring diesel fuel out of the hoses.
So I have a project for tomorrow...

Turns out the fuel pump was NOT the problem so on top of the $750 labor bill from the 3rd mechanic and 2 weeks down time...
I now have a $350 fuel pump I don't need.

The good news is that Shane at RoverHybrids.com said he'd only charge me 50 bucks if I could get the new one back to him in a week, so we'll be doing that tomorrow too.

We can now also release the stories we were afraid to release while broken down due to fear of reprisal. :)

Monday, June 30, 2008

A Fleet of Cattle Trucks

So... apparently it's the fuel pump.. (still under warranty) at least that's what the expert analysis says. So we're in holding pattern until the replacement pump arrives. There is a chance they will say that whats wrong with it is not under warranty but I think it's slim. A fleet of cattle trucks moved into the parking lot at the repair shop and we've been sleeping with clothes pins on our noses and flies out the ying yang. The truck stop across the street has nice washers and dryers except that every load we did there someone opened the door of the dryer for us before the clothes were dry (4 times). It appears that we're not quite out of the woods yet; hopefuly the clearing in the distance is not a mirage.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

4 hours of testing

After 4 hours of testing various aspects of the Bus's fuel delivery system we know a lot about what is NOT wrong. The shop closed at noon yesterday and now we are enjoying the sites of lovely Scottsbluff Nebraska until Monday morning. We are quite happy to at least be 100 milles closer to Denver.. in a different county... dealing with professionals.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Escape From Chadron

We were able to get towed out of Chadron Nebraska today. We are at a large truck repair facility. There will be much more to tell once we are actually mobile again. We are safer now and tomorrow I'll begin explaining all the guess work and wasted effort that has already been done to my engine... to people who will know how to diagnose and fix it. THAT is a huge step forward. Let's hope they don't freak out when they find out they've agreed to fix a veggie bus. ;)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Total Lose of Control

8 Days ago a power supply wire slipped off the the fuel pump. We had a sudden lose of power on the step hill we were climbing and the bus slowed and died. I immediatly recognized the symptom as is was identical to the problem I had we hooked the pump up the 1st time; with only 1 poewr supply. So after looking for spewing fluids in the engine I looked at the wiring for the pump, discovered the loose wire and put it back together.

We were over an hours drive from any town with more than 1 diesel mechanic. The 1 local guy came out and insisted that the loose wire could not have damaged anything and then dismantled the veggie fuel lines so that he could understand what was going on with the engine.... His help was cheap but then again he did more damage than good.

We crawled 70 miles over the next 3 days with the longest stretch of driving being about 10 miles; most attempts would net us a couple hundred yards before the engine would die and we would have to let it "rest" before moving again. The 1st mechanic also rewired our back up fuel pump (which we knew was not strong enough for the bus and had forgotten that it had been collecting dirt for about a hundred miles of dirt roads we had traversed on the reservation). Using it spewed dirt into the fuel filter further slowing our progress. He wired it to run directly off the alternator... which meant that each time the engine would die we would have to jump out of the bus and throw the hood up and physically rip the wires apart to stop the fuel pump... and tape them back together we we started back up.

The 3rd day an angel named Terry held our hands for most of the day. He was a diesel mechanic for the railroad and we tried a few more things each time the bus died, but nothing changed our fuel starvation issue. Terry ended up towing us the last few miles just so we could get to Chadron before dark.

The local bar patrons suggested 3 mechanics and we called each of them our 1st day in the WalMart parking lot...none had time, all were turned off by the use of vegetable oil for fuel. We then found an interested gas mechanic who guided me through several other process of elimination type procedures... nothing changed the performance of the bus.

Tuesday we vacationed for fixing the bus by filming a meeting of the Republic of Lakota and interviewed Russel Means.

After 4 days in the WM parking lot the mildly mentally deficient "greeter" came out to inquire about how long we were planning on staying... We had run out of things to try so we chanced being able to drive it across the street to the guy who had been helpful's shop. It died on the street in front of the shop as we were discussing where to park it. Today we tested the main fuel pump (which I had feared was now dead) and it appears to be working properly. Which means that the problem is still unknown but the possibilities are getting scarier. It now appears to be a blown injector pump or clogged injectors or .. something.

These problems are all over the head of the gas mechanic who has been helping us. The team at the shop is supposedly calling the diesel mechanics in town this evening .. on our behave, trying to find us appropriate help.

It's been 8 days since the wire slipped off.. We can't leave Chadron until somebody here steps up and fixing this. EVERYONE in town knows us by now.. knows where we're parked.. knows enough about what we're doing to like us OR NOT...

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Broke Down in the Bad Lands.. sort of..

The 2nd power supply for the fuel pump slipped off after driving on rough gravel roads for awhile... We fixed that. But there's another, unknown, problem that seems to have been caused by those wires disconnecting while we were trying to climb a fairly steep hill.

We're safely parked in a turn out by an old schoolhouse about 20 miles from Hot Springs South Dakota. We don't have cell phone service, but the Broadband internet card works here. We have #'s for a few local mechanics and will be calling them on a loaned phone in the morning.

The Mobile Broadcast News polo shirts arrived: they were delivered to us while we were working on the engine on the side of the road. They look fabulous.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

OFf Grid @ a Sun Dance

The MBN team spent a frutitless day searching for renowned scientist working in Toad Stool National Park, but we got a good hike in and relaxed off line for a day.

We are now at a Horse Sanctuary near Hot Springs, SD totally off grid, running the satellite off of the generator while we await the Sundance next week.

We were also able to score an easy 50 gallons of veggie oil from the Safeway in Chadron, NE before haeding out here. ... yeah oil!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Going Off Grid

We've been hanging out with the Red Cloud family for a couple days. Went to the Veterans Pow Wow where their cousin handed over her Princess Crown and had a wonderful experience in Tom Cook's bi-weekly sweat lodge.

I'm using my satellite on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in southern South Dakota. We're plugged into an outlet now but tomorrow we'll be going into a wild horse sanctuary and running off the generator... totally off grind.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

On the Res

We've arrived on the Pine Ridge Reservation and have achieved satillite internet at our first destination. There is no cell phone service. We be be on the reservation until the 22nd and will have internet when stationary for more than a day.

Chadron, NE Fire Dept.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Funnel Clouds and Pumping Oil with a Hangover

We holed up in the Flying J truck stop for showers/laundry and to wait out the potential tornado, which can very close to us. We were evacuated from our dinner to stand in the shower stalls (safest place in the building) shoulder to shoulder with a variety of truckers. After the 1st tornado past us we went out to the bus to check on things and saw a Funnel Cloud siloetted by rapid lightening flashes right across the street from the truck stop. It later turned out to be this tree.

We found some 15 gallons of oil in a little town along the way and 10 more along with some wonderful people in Neligh NE. We closed down the bar that gave us the oil. This morning we left Neligh at 9am with hangovers and stopped on the side of the road to transfer our 25 gallons from the collection barrel to the oil tank. Then in O'Neil we were able to pump 40 more gallons into the collection barrel from 2 very tight back alley dumpsters ... without puking.

Tonight we're in Chadron preparing for a journalism leg of the tour.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Factory Farms and Commercial BioDiesel

Iowa and Nebraska seem ruined for getting used oil by asking. We were about to bite the bullet and burn diesel but my friend Colin @ HighCottonFilms.net spent a few unjaded minutes online an hooked us up with the Omaha Biodiesel Coop. We're meeting in the morning to see how much they can score for us.

NOmadjik got a motor oil tranfusion today, too.

We saw no signs of the horrid weather we feared would strike us other than the lightening show that was many miles away. It didn't even rain on us.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Waiting for Ice/Missles

We're posed outside of Ohmaha waiting to get hailed on. There is suppose to be severe thunderstorms and/or flash flooding and/or possible hail/tornados passing through this part of Nebraska/Iowa tonight. The truckers seem to have all stopped hardly anyone moving this evening... Hurry up & wait. I think we will remain out of the path but not by much. Tomorrow is an oil gathering day unless it's raining.

Iowa City

Davenport Iowa sucked the life out of us. Spent most of the day looking for oil. There must be a commercial biodiesel plant nearby because almost all the places we went were getting paid for there oil and didn't want to give it to us. Then there was the places that PAID to have it hauled off who didn't want to upset their contractor! IDIOTS. We were able to find about 60 gallons and nop have enough to get to Ohmaha. Hope it's easier there. Sorry Mike, we forgot to get a picture of your burger joint.

Iowa City is the Austin of Texas. The Morgantown of WV. The Ashville of North Carolina... etc etc.

Saturday, May 31, 2008


We made it to Iowa this evening but had to drive the last 20 miles on diesel due to a completly clogged grease filter on the engine. I replaced the filter when we landed and we're going to transfer oil from the barrel to the tank in the morning and start looking for more oil.

We spent last night camped out under a gas station awning to prevent hail damage to the satellite. It only hailed for about 20 minutes and they were small but the gusty wind was sending the rain in sideways.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Heading West

After having the easiest oil score ever at Sitar of India in Charleston, WV; we have hit the road and are currently perched a few miles from I-70 in Ohio. We are expecting thunder storms and possible hail to pass over us this evening and give us a 2 day window of clear skies to make it to Ohmaha before the sky falls on the midwest again.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Vote for me in the Cinemocracy Film Festival

My 5 minute short film 2004 A Year in Dissent is in the online voting phase of the Cinemocracy festival. The Winning videos will be screened at a festival in Denver during the Democratic Convention. The Winners will be flown to Denver and given accomodations. and have a chance at 25 grand. Please vote me 5 stars.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Finally Stopped Raining

I've been inundated with videos that have to be produced and we are finally able to take care of the exterior work still needed on the bus before the push west. The satellite was a huge pain to set up the first time and now that it's getting sunny and clear we will be able to break it down and set it up again, for practice and to prepare to attach it to the roof.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

1st Post from Satellite

After 4 days of clouds and rain, we were finally able to find, lock-in and Use the satellite internet system. It's suppose of be cloudy and rainy for several more days but todays break in the weather gave us just barely enough time to figure out how this thing works. We're currently sharing the internet connection with wifi coming out of my computer but as our confidence in the system improves we'll use a wireless router instead.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Batteries Not Included

Well, the satellite system and oil collection system have arrived and so far both seem to be missing parts. The satellite set up instructions are by far the worst instructions I've ever read. I did actually read them because I was told repeatedly how important that was...
We were able to find a satellite for about 15 seconds yesterday.. cloud cover seems to be a problem. I'm updating you from a hotel lobby... 150 dollars in internet connection fees per month.. and I'm still sittin' in a hotel lobby...

Saturday, May 3, 2008

N.O. Going Away Party

Friday night I VJ'd at a benefit concert for Common Ground Relief in the lower 9th ward of New Orleans. Headliner was Michael Franti and Spearhead. This morning we left Louisiana. Tomorrow I'll be filming a campaign video for Chris Lugo who is running for US Senate in Tennesse on the Green Party ticket.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Gator Grease Up

Yesterday we used my new barrel filter system to filter 95 gallons of Gordon's Gator Grease down to 10 microns and pumped it into the bus's oil tank. You can also see in 1 photo that the roof rack is now loaded and strapped down. We are now in final preparations for flight. Please buckle your seat belt and put your seat in the upright position. :)

Friday, April 25, 2008

Introducing ... The Roof Deck

With much help from Gordon & J&S Tree Service we now have the 1st section of roof deck attached. We'll be moving the generator, bikes and misc. large unnecessary things to the roof. The additional interior space is being used for a 55 gal oil collection barrel and (drum roll please) a camp toilet. yeah!

I did a lot of the less skilled work myself, but nobody wanted to take my picture.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Bus Population + 2

The NOmadjik Media Bus welcomes it's new residents Mary Kate aka skinnychef and Corn Dog (not pictured). T-Shirts sponsored by David. Photo by Gordon (while waving at dogs and talking on the phone, thus the Flux Face)

Work has started on a section of roof deck between the roof portals. A photo account will follow when it's complete. A front & back deck section will be added later (proabably not until fall).

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Christmas in April

2 recent large donations have sent my on a shopping spree of things the bus needs to sustain itself. I'll be getting a One Shot collection pump/filtration system and a back up hand pump and all but the sound system (not absolutely necessary) of these items are also covered.

The 1st section of roof deck is getting welded today as well. When that is done we'll be able to clear more space in the storage area by moving the generator, bikes, folding chairs.. etc. .. on to the roof.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Loft / Bed

The last few days have been fairly grueling as I've finally completed a loft/ bed in the bus. I used scavenged wood and mostly scavenged nails. I also got to use a couple power tools for the 1st time. What made it most grueling was that I had to cut EVERYTHING twice and had to cut the premade top of the bunk inside the bus while it was wedged, immovable, inside the bus. I also cracked a side window a bit while trying to manouver this monstrousity into place.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Lofty Bunk Fest

Worked on my bunk/loft today between lugging full oil drums and uploading a video that's to be shown at the NYC Anarchist Film Fest April 11th.

I'll be sleeping between 2 booth seats tonight though...

I scavenged a double pallet from one of Gordon's grease restaurants to use for the loft bed in the bus and had to cut it shorter. I didn't cut it short enough. It's wedged in the bus, not flat, not likely to come out without breaking something... else (slight window damage getting it in). I'd show you a picture but the cord i need is at the bottom of the pile of stuff in the middle of the bus right now. Tomorrow I'll have to cut more off the end of the length wise boards while in the bus inorder to get it flat and on the legs.

Monday, March 31, 2008

My First Bus Fire

My computer power supply shorted out and briefly caught fire Saturday night. I've ordered a new one and it should be here tomorrow. I've currently got 18% battery life don't expect email responces or new posts until the new power cord shows up. I'm taking the down time to reorganize the bus interior and plan for the bunk building that will soon occur.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Made it Back to New Orleans

The Bus is back in Slidell where it will be getting an interior face lift & redesigned oil collection system while I prepare presentational videos and document the progress at Bio Liberty. I've finally figured out how to live stream with audio and hope to start producing the weekly live show "This Week in Fascism" within a week or 2.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Not Goin' to DC

For those who wondered, Gordon and I decided not to invest the time & resources going to DC for the Anniversary. Still in Austin. Nothing new to report.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Festival Screenings in Chicago

The (international | independent | interstitial) festival schedule is up, they have selected 2 shorts videos from my videography to screen at the festival... but they are not announcing which ones. ..hmmm

The festival will take place in the i-cubed studio February 29th though March 2nd.
11 W Illinois (State/Illinois - one block south of Grand Red Line)

More about the festival and schedule

Friday, February 22, 2008

Bus Update

While in Slidell I was interviewed on the bus by a couple of full timer RV media makers. This is the first time someone wanted to interview me about the project, I sure I will do better next time. Hopefully this couple will also become contributors to Mobile Broadcast News. You can watch the interview on their website LiveWorkDream

Jim & Rene are now in Truth or Consequences looking up my friends at Green Acre.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Dharma of Corn Dogs

Dharma and skinny's dog Corn Dog have been locked into a cage match for the last few days but seem to have finally started to adjust to (ignore) each other.

I trying to catch up on all the stuff that get's neglected on the road. Web updates for 10 or so websites... straightening up the bus. etc The interior will be getting completely overhauled during the next 2 months.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Cats & Dogs

skinnychef was finally able to find a good home for the 2 dogs and cat she had extras of. Dharma liked spending time in the bus with 2 humans and 2 dogs so much that after pissiung on my clothes bag decidided he would jump ship. He picked a really good neighborhood to do it in though; probably the neighborhood we'll be moving into, Holy Cross. After looking for him (and watching him run from us) for a couple hours, we decided to let him deal with life on the street for the evening. We returned the next night and left the bus door open. After a couple hours he waltzed in. skinn'ys now back in Texass, I'm wrapping up loose ends in NOLA and will head west Tuesday night.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Super Fat Tuesday

I made it out of the hole for Mardi Gras. skinnychef made it in from Austin. Tonight I believe we're going to be entertaining some Common Ground relief volunteers in the lower 9th ward with video projections and some tunes.

The Super Fat Tuesday video will be out later tonight.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Mud Stuck Bus

I tried to move the bus across the lot @ Bio Liberty today so I could fill up with oil & Biodiesel and head into NOLA for Mardis Gras and...
not so mobile broadcast newsBayou Liberty soil testing confirms large amounts of roots, water, clay, and 8 inches of mud under the grassroots. After several attempts to remove soil tester more soil testing was done and more clay and water were found. Reinforcements were called in. This is a not so mobile broad cast... Thats not news. (comments & photo by Gordon)

To appreciate the Depth of our soil testing; take a look at the mud flap resting on the ground behind the tire. Currently the bus is about 6 inches deeper than the photo with the tail pipe about 3 inches from the ground. It's been raining a little everyday since I've been here. Today was sunny and nice but tommorrow it's a 70-80% chance of rain. Wenches and a Bobcat are expected in the AM.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

To Hell With the Primaries

Prediction :
Based on Voting Machine Inconsistencies in New Hanpshire :
As Well As Other Electorial Shinanigans:
Hillary Clinton and Mitt Romney
will be your either or choice in November.

The time has past for serious attempts at "waking people up" anyone still sleeping could only be viewed as you might a crack head... it's a shame, but what can you do about it... nothing... they won't get help (ie start rethinking the status quo) until they hit rock bottom.

So with that in mind and some forward thinking in regard to preparing for my upcoming 4 month journalist hell ride begining in June... (events to be released at a later time)... I'm bagging the primaries AND THIS YEARS WAR ANNIVESARY IN DC in favor of focusing on starting a new life in New Orleans w/skinnychef and taking the time to get the bus right for its purpose.

I'm back in Slidell. The BioLiberty project is expanding to process thousands of gallons of veggie oil a month and geothermal training/experimenting has begun.

I finally got my 3 deep cycle batteries hooked up to recharge from the alternator... they were drained and I want to use them Fat Tuesday Eve so I'm idling.. which is nice because I have heat as well. I'll be redesigning the interior of the NOmadjik Bus soon (enough) to create more comfortable sleeping spaces and more work/hang space. So, I'm donating 3 bus seats to Gordon's new Bus project which will be a mobile bio diesel processing facility and kitchen; also intended to be a first responder for future natural disasters.

skinnychef is looking to unburden herself of 2 dogs she rescued from drowning in the creek behind her home. If you know anyone near Texas that would like a medium sized playful dog.. she's got 2.. I would just load both of them up and give them to my aunts in WV... but these dogs deserve better. :P
videos 1, 2, 3

I hope to utilize my new video projector during the evening on Fat Tuesday to have an impromptu guerilla projection/dance party mixing video of Mardis Gras with hurricane footage and relief work. It would seem the only hold up could the possibility of not being able to remove the bus from the swamp I'm currently parked in.. it's been raining alot.

I'll be filming the Mardis Gras festivities and can't wait to put out the inevitable video...
"Super Fat Tuesday"

Monday, January 21, 2008

I'm being followed

By a cold spell.

The money sitch seems to be worked out, unless the newly deposited check from Deep Shit TV bounces when the banks reopen tomorrow.

I finally made it into southern Florida and it's warm but folks are saying it dropped 20 degrees when I showed up.

I'll be switching to the Random American video series for awhile as I meander my way to the voting booth and on to New Orleans for Mardi Gras :)

Friday, January 18, 2008

I'm a Burn Out

Looks like I've hit the wall so to speak.

I'm in South Carolina and having NO LUCk with finding the campaign events and finding parking close enough to them to cover them. ALSO, i've been hit with a strong wave of "why am i doing this?" As someone who knows the voting system IS fraudulent... as someone who knows that both parties are representing the corporations regardless of what they say publicly... basicaly, I don't know why I here; so the motivation necessary to overcome the daily hurdles .. just isn't there right now.

I was to attend a Huckabee rally this morning but couldn't get the bus parked anywhere near the resort and if i had there would have been issue with "walking" onto the resort... I don't even have questions for these clowns that will get an answer out of them anyway. Imagine: "Mr. Huckabee. You don't believe in evolution, you want to quarentine AIDS patients and re write the constitution to reflect YOUR gods law... What The Fuck's Wrong With You, Sir?! and How the Hell Could You be a Front Runner with Such Views?!"

i dunno.. it might be fun... but is it worth it?... i dunno.

The cold is probably at fault with my attitude. I'm still sick from New Hampshire. It snowed on me yesterday for the first time.. (South Carolina). I'm ready to be warm .. maybe northern Florida will be better.

I was fairly disappointed with the number of views the New Hampshire videos got ..But it appears someone is trying to fuck with my websites again (which is always a good sign of doing something right). I picked up 1,600 new email subscribers YESTERDAY. it's bullshit.. either a glitch in the rss feed system OR Someone Signed up 1,600 people to recieve emails that they DIDn't Want.

However, if you google New Hampshire Primary Vote Fruad... guess who ya find..

One more item in this string ramblings...
I just found out that the $1,500 donation processed trough Deep Dish Tv at what was suppose to be 3% which turned into 6% and took over a week to put in the bank has .. are ready for this?... IT BOUNCED! ta daaaahhhh! I have 30 dollars 1/4 tank of diesel and 15 gallons of oil.

I think it's time to go to the beach.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Full Up

Yesterday things came together. and after a 6 train 3 hour ride to get cat food and a 3 hour ordeal pumping 120 gallons of oil... I'm on the road. Just had a nice long Flying J shower and should covering some clown in South Carolina tomorrow.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Speed Bumps

Apologies for not being in South Carolina yet.

I'm currently Stuck in NYC waiting for a very large tax deductible donation to be deposited ... the donation came in over a week ago and Deep Dish TV has neglected to deposit it for me after saying they'd do it the next day... repeatedly.

If you need to donate through the tax deductible 501c3 please inform me or contact the MBN staff. The tax deductible links on the website will soon disappear and I'll be looking for a new sponsor.

I need to wait to fill up with pre filtered veggie oil here before heading to the South Carolina Primaries... hopefully I'll get there before they're over.

Luckily the "city" didn't get the foot of snow it was suppose to last night, it just rained.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Finish up & Drive

Today I'm just finishing up with Vermin and heading South; I'll be in "the city" this evening and out by Tuesday. Many errands to do there before heading to South Carolina. My cold/flu/sickness thing is improving greatly and no longer holding me down.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

NH decompression

We back at Vermin's Playground. I seem to be getting a cold, or something. 1 more video to put out about elections day. It's choke full of excitement (Guilani, Edwards, Kucinich, Obama & McCain) but I'm really burned out and sickly. Just trying to finish up NH and get to South Carolina by the 17th.

It will be nice to be warm again someday.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

New Hampshire is cold

last night 4 blankets 2 sleeping bags gloves scarf and 4 layers of clothing... sleeping with my computer, camera, and hard drive between my legs.... it's f'n cold.

Tonight's not so bad.
I put out my 1st New Hampshire Primary video. .. now I'm going to sleep for 2 hours and do it all again tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Vermin's Playland

I vegged up to Vermin Supreme's Campaign Headquarters somewhere north of Boston. We are plotting our media blitz, putting some final touches on the bus and heading to New Hampshire this evening, we think. There's some snow on the ground 'round here.

Weather Forecast for Manchester NH
Thu Jan 3
Partly Cloudy High 10° / Low 0° Snow 10%

Fri Jan 4
Partly Cloudy High 28° / Low 18° Snow 10%

Sat Jan 5
Mostly Cloudy High 36° / Low 26° Snow 10%

Sun Jan 6
Partly Cloudy High 41° / Low 29° Snow 20%

Mon Jan 7
Mostly Cloudy High 44° / Low 34° Snow 10%

Tue Jan 8
Mostly Cloudy High 44° / Low 36° Snow 20%