Saturday, September 29, 2007

Fuck Harbor Freight

The oil intake pump that has been redesigned and/or fixed several times on this trip has crapped out on me for the last time AND the Rotary Hand Pump I ALSO got from Harbor Freight DIDN"T WORK AT ALL, not even a drop... so Fuck Harbor Freight. Everything in there is made in China anyway; even the US Flags.

I'm still in T or C, hoping to be able to get the oil we found 2 days ago and leave today. Mikey was so inspired by the veggie bus that he bought a Mercedes to convert yesterday. I'll drop him off to pick it up on the way east.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

T or C

I watched the sunrise from the edge of Gila National Forest last night and made it to Truth or Consequences, NM this morning. Spent the day soaking in the hot springs and fixing a couple little things on the bus w/ Wendy & Mikey @ Green Acre Hot Springs. They are renovating a former RV Park using eco/recycled materials. Tomorrow I'm picking up some prearranged Mexican Oil with my new rotary hand pump as back up to the inconsistent electric pump/filter set up and beginning the next leg of the journey.

I must soon find time to.. make some money, edit campaign spots for Josh, edit hep c spots for Lloyd, get that oil change, lay the carpet Clay gave me in LA

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


I still need that oil change and now REALLY need more veggie oil. It seems that RV service places have insane waiting lists and usually come with a "so that's your RV, huh?" which is better than I got when I drove a van; then it was "so Where's your RV?" I'm stepping up in the world. :)

I had 2 photo shoots in LA; one in Venice and one downtown. You can see some quickly selected .. "selects" here.

Saturday, September 22, 2007


I've been off the grid in Malibu for about a week. Currently upgrading the Bus interior with the help of SYA Consulting and preparing to head east. I need veggie oil and an oil change before I leave LA. Next lay over in Pheonix. Heads up to the L Burners

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Welcome to Whasup G?

Hi. I'm Gianni Lazuli... aka FluxRostrum. I live and work from a vegetable oil powered school bus. Although most of my time is spent shooting and editing video, this blog will be more or less a dailey update of Whasup in short text form.

If you're interested in where I am Right Now and How Things Are Going on the Road; then subscribe to this feed. It will be daily-ish but almost always really short.. cause I don't enjoy spending time writing very much.

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