Monday, September 22, 2008

The IkeMan Cometh

The Bus has changed it's mind once again regarding what to do after the conventions. I was slated to coordinate a team of editors working on a feature length documentary of the RNC. But it has become apparent for many reasons that that was not the right thing for me to be working on at this time.

Ike Happens
Tail winds of Hurricane Ike dropped a tree on the skinnychef's roof (Austin) and it needs to be completely replaced. This is in addition to the damage done by 1 thieving, lying, filthy sack of shit known as Heavy Fed who rented her place with NO INTENTION of honoring the lease and proceeded to trash the place and steal anything of value left in the house before finally getting evicted. These issues need to be dealt with. If you know a trustworthy soul looking for a room to rent in Austin contact

The NOmadjik Media Bus will begin fulfilling it's 1st disaster relief mission in Texas as soon as we can get her down there from New York. With the generator and satellite internet on board we will be going into a yet to be determined location. Probably somewhere that won't be getting electricity for a good long time. We will be able to both document/report on the recovery effort and offer internet to residents who still have no electricity and limited if any cell phone service. It is likely that we will team up with other grassroots relief organizations in an encampment .. but these things are still in the planning stages.

If you have info regarding Rainbow Family kitchen bus locations in hurricane devastated areas or know of other grassroots efforts that could use our services please get them in contact with me @

Donations are being sought for: GAS CARDS/gas cans to run the generator, Food, Cleaning Supplies and Veggie Oil. These can be collected in route if you get in touch.

Tax deductible donation$ can be processed through Deep Dish TV if they are specifically marked for MobileBroadcastNews.

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Deliberatly Cut Fuel Line No Match For Smart People

The trip East was delayed a day due to a very fresh slice in a fuel line. Fortunately I found it before moving the bus. Otherwise, we would have stalled in traffic and had the bus impounded... as I suspect was the outcome the person who sliced it would have preferred. We've had tremendous luck collecting oil this week.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Cops probe indymedia bus for 'corpses'?

By Dave Orrick | | photo by Larry Hildes

It's unclear why, but police put the heat on a weathered school bus Tuesday used by an independent media organization.

The group says the cops said they were looking for "dead bodies."

Police refused to provide any information on their actions, but a spokesman said the corpse thing was absurd.

"Does that sound logical?" police spokesman Tom Walsh asked. "We do things logically."

Larry Hildes, a California attorney and a legal observer with the National Lawyers Guild, said he saw a St. Paul police officer trying to pry the bus' side door open around 4:45 p.m. in a parking lot in Lowertown, where the bus was parked. "She informed me she was looking for dead bodies," said Hildes. "I informed here there were none." Hildes asked for a warrant; he said the police said they had none and left.

Hildes said bands of officers returned several times, at one point driving by slowly while one officer shined a light at the blocked-out windows and videotaped the bus.

"We're completely above-board," said Mary-Kate Stoever, a.k.a. Skinny Chef. "We just live in the bus."

Hours later, a Pioneer Press reporter observed a police car parked near the bus; the officer appeared to be watching. When asked what the cops were up to, Walsh responded, "I don't know anything about it. ... Nope, I'm not going to look into it either."

40 + corporate media journalists arrested yesterday

But not me. More info to come.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

RNC update

The Glass Bead Collective had all of their property returned except drivers licenses and cash. Yesterday the cops with 3 SUVs full of riot cops did syncronized donuts in the parking lot for awhile yesterday. This occured while I was handing off a video to the Aquisitions Director of Free Speech TV, who spoke with the commanding officer and requested that they stop harassing and arresting journalists. The cops eventually left. We expect to see them again today .. about 5:25 that's when they've been showing up.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Mobile Broadcast News Bus Harassed by Police

This afternoon the bus was repeatedly harassed by St. Paul police. We were notified by our lawyers who were on the scene while we were attempting to cover the Poor People's March. Eyewitnesses reported that they attempted to open the door both by hand and CROW BAR. They attempted to film inside the bus and claimed they were concerned about "liquids". Our bus is legally parked in a paid lot with permission from the Parking lot. 2 private buses have been confiscated in St. Paul 1 bus carrying a marching band of activists have chosen to leave town. The police came by 3 times each time with more squad cars and equipment. At this time the bus, inhabitants and property are safe... and insecure. Much more about this later.