Thursday, January 31, 2008

To Hell With the Primaries

Prediction :
Based on Voting Machine Inconsistencies in New Hanpshire :
As Well As Other Electorial Shinanigans:
Hillary Clinton and Mitt Romney
will be your either or choice in November.

The time has past for serious attempts at "waking people up" anyone still sleeping could only be viewed as you might a crack head... it's a shame, but what can you do about it... nothing... they won't get help (ie start rethinking the status quo) until they hit rock bottom.

So with that in mind and some forward thinking in regard to preparing for my upcoming 4 month journalist hell ride begining in June... (events to be released at a later time)... I'm bagging the primaries AND THIS YEARS WAR ANNIVESARY IN DC in favor of focusing on starting a new life in New Orleans w/skinnychef and taking the time to get the bus right for its purpose.

I'm back in Slidell. The BioLiberty project is expanding to process thousands of gallons of veggie oil a month and geothermal training/experimenting has begun.

I finally got my 3 deep cycle batteries hooked up to recharge from the alternator... they were drained and I want to use them Fat Tuesday Eve so I'm idling.. which is nice because I have heat as well. I'll be redesigning the interior of the NOmadjik Bus soon (enough) to create more comfortable sleeping spaces and more work/hang space. So, I'm donating 3 bus seats to Gordon's new Bus project which will be a mobile bio diesel processing facility and kitchen; also intended to be a first responder for future natural disasters.

skinnychef is looking to unburden herself of 2 dogs she rescued from drowning in the creek behind her home. If you know anyone near Texas that would like a medium sized playful dog.. she's got 2.. I would just load both of them up and give them to my aunts in WV... but these dogs deserve better. :P
videos 1, 2, 3

I hope to utilize my new video projector during the evening on Fat Tuesday to have an impromptu guerilla projection/dance party mixing video of Mardis Gras with hurricane footage and relief work. It would seem the only hold up could the possibility of not being able to remove the bus from the swamp I'm currently parked in.. it's been raining alot.

I'll be filming the Mardis Gras festivities and can't wait to put out the inevitable video...
"Super Fat Tuesday"

Monday, January 21, 2008

I'm being followed

By a cold spell.

The money sitch seems to be worked out, unless the newly deposited check from Deep Shit TV bounces when the banks reopen tomorrow.

I finally made it into southern Florida and it's warm but folks are saying it dropped 20 degrees when I showed up.

I'll be switching to the Random American video series for awhile as I meander my way to the voting booth and on to New Orleans for Mardi Gras :)

Friday, January 18, 2008

I'm a Burn Out

Looks like I've hit the wall so to speak.

I'm in South Carolina and having NO LUCk with finding the campaign events and finding parking close enough to them to cover them. ALSO, i've been hit with a strong wave of "why am i doing this?" As someone who knows the voting system IS fraudulent... as someone who knows that both parties are representing the corporations regardless of what they say publicly... basicaly, I don't know why I here; so the motivation necessary to overcome the daily hurdles .. just isn't there right now.

I was to attend a Huckabee rally this morning but couldn't get the bus parked anywhere near the resort and if i had there would have been issue with "walking" onto the resort... I don't even have questions for these clowns that will get an answer out of them anyway. Imagine: "Mr. Huckabee. You don't believe in evolution, you want to quarentine AIDS patients and re write the constitution to reflect YOUR gods law... What The Fuck's Wrong With You, Sir?! and How the Hell Could You be a Front Runner with Such Views?!"

i dunno.. it might be fun... but is it worth it?... i dunno.

The cold is probably at fault with my attitude. I'm still sick from New Hampshire. It snowed on me yesterday for the first time.. (South Carolina). I'm ready to be warm .. maybe northern Florida will be better.

I was fairly disappointed with the number of views the New Hampshire videos got ..But it appears someone is trying to fuck with my websites again (which is always a good sign of doing something right). I picked up 1,600 new email subscribers YESTERDAY. it's bullshit.. either a glitch in the rss feed system OR Someone Signed up 1,600 people to recieve emails that they DIDn't Want.

However, if you google New Hampshire Primary Vote Fruad... guess who ya find..

One more item in this string ramblings...
I just found out that the $1,500 donation processed trough Deep Dish Tv at what was suppose to be 3% which turned into 6% and took over a week to put in the bank has .. are ready for this?... IT BOUNCED! ta daaaahhhh! I have 30 dollars 1/4 tank of diesel and 15 gallons of oil.

I think it's time to go to the beach.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Full Up

Yesterday things came together. and after a 6 train 3 hour ride to get cat food and a 3 hour ordeal pumping 120 gallons of oil... I'm on the road. Just had a nice long Flying J shower and should covering some clown in South Carolina tomorrow.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Speed Bumps

Apologies for not being in South Carolina yet.

I'm currently Stuck in NYC waiting for a very large tax deductible donation to be deposited ... the donation came in over a week ago and Deep Dish TV has neglected to deposit it for me after saying they'd do it the next day... repeatedly.

If you need to donate through the tax deductible 501c3 please inform me or contact the MBN staff. The tax deductible links on the website will soon disappear and I'll be looking for a new sponsor.

I need to wait to fill up with pre filtered veggie oil here before heading to the South Carolina Primaries... hopefully I'll get there before they're over.

Luckily the "city" didn't get the foot of snow it was suppose to last night, it just rained.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Finish up & Drive

Today I'm just finishing up with Vermin and heading South; I'll be in "the city" this evening and out by Tuesday. Many errands to do there before heading to South Carolina. My cold/flu/sickness thing is improving greatly and no longer holding me down.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

NH decompression

We back at Vermin's Playground. I seem to be getting a cold, or something. 1 more video to put out about elections day. It's choke full of excitement (Guilani, Edwards, Kucinich, Obama & McCain) but I'm really burned out and sickly. Just trying to finish up NH and get to South Carolina by the 17th.

It will be nice to be warm again someday.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

New Hampshire is cold

last night 4 blankets 2 sleeping bags gloves scarf and 4 layers of clothing... sleeping with my computer, camera, and hard drive between my legs.... it's f'n cold.

Tonight's not so bad.
I put out my 1st New Hampshire Primary video. .. now I'm going to sleep for 2 hours and do it all again tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Vermin's Playland

I vegged up to Vermin Supreme's Campaign Headquarters somewhere north of Boston. We are plotting our media blitz, putting some final touches on the bus and heading to New Hampshire this evening, we think. There's some snow on the ground 'round here.

Weather Forecast for Manchester NH
Thu Jan 3
Partly Cloudy High 10° / Low 0° Snow 10%

Fri Jan 4
Partly Cloudy High 28° / Low 18° Snow 10%

Sat Jan 5
Mostly Cloudy High 36° / Low 26° Snow 10%

Sun Jan 6
Partly Cloudy High 41° / Low 29° Snow 20%

Mon Jan 7
Mostly Cloudy High 44° / Low 34° Snow 10%

Tue Jan 8
Mostly Cloudy High 44° / Low 36° Snow 20%